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Making Your Own Roasted Coffee Beans At Home

As any coffee lover knows, coffee is always best when it's fresh; freshly ground makes a more flavorful and aromatic cup. That's no surprise; however, if you've never tried making your own roasted coffee beans, you've been missing out on an entirely new dimension of flavor. If you really want the best and freshest possible cup of coffee, you will need to buy freshly roasted beans from a coffee roaster and use them within a week or two or to roast your own at home.

Unroasted coffee beans are a yellowish green color, but turn brown once roasted. The longer they are roasted, the deeper and darker their color and the more intense their flavor; French roast coffee, for instance, consists of especially dark roasted coffee beans. If you'd like to start roasting your own, then you have two choices: you could purchase a roasting machine or you could do it yourself. There are a couple of ways to roast your own beans - keep reading to learn about a few of them.

You can roast coffee beans easily on your stovetop. All you need is a frying pan (cast iron pans work especially well) and some green coffee beans. Just place your pan on the stove and fill it evenly with a thin layer of beans. Try not to fill it with more than two or three layers in order to ensure an even roast and prevent accidental burning. Turn on the heat to medium-high and roast for ten to fifteen minutes, stirring continually to prevent burning. How long you'll need to roast your coffee for depends on how dark of a roast you'd like. Once they're done, pour them into a large ceramic or metal bowl and stir constantly for another five to ten minutes until they are cool enough to handle safely.

Once your roasted coffee beans have cooled to room temperature, allow them to sit for twelve hours to allow moisture and carbon dioxide generated by roasting to dissipate before storing them in an airtight container.

For this method, you'll need a hot air popper, a wooden spoon for stirring and a large colander for cooling the beans. A pot holder is also a good idea here for safety's sake. Just set up your hot air popper as you would when making popcorn and roast the coffee beans in small batches; two to four ounces at a time is best. Set the bow under the popper's spout to catch the beans and start your hot air popper.

After a few minutes, you'll begin to see some smoke and smell the aroma of roasted coffee. Roast the beans for about four minutes for a lighter roast and six to seven minutes (but no more than this) for a French style roast. When they're done, turn off the popper and pour the roasted coffee beans into a colander, stirring constantly for seven to ten minutes or until they're cool enough to touch without burning yourself. Allow the beans to sit for twelve hours and store in airtight containers.


Semi Automatic Coffee Machine

Coffee machines sold out in the market today cover an extremely wide price range - these gadgets can cost you from couple of dollars to several hundreds. Apart from the brand, pricing of coffee maker machines largely depend on the options and features that it can give. There are basically two different types of coffee maker machines and these are the fully automatic and the semi-automatic coffee machine. Between the two, the semi automatic coffee machine is considered as the more cost effective choice for those who are shopping on a budget.

A semi automatic coffee machine is also one of the most common types of coffee brewers found in today's kitchens. Although they do not possess the additional features found in a fully-automatic coffee machine, the semi-automatic models can brew coffee relatively fast. The usual brewing process can take you an average of half a minute for your usual black coffee while other beverages that require frothing may take a little bit longer.

One downside to using a semi automatic coffee machine however, it that it makes use of porta-filters made out of metal container and a plastic handle. Operators may need to do a couple of trial and error runs to get the tamp pressure and grind settings just right. For those who want a courser grind, you need to adjust the ring that will allow water to flow through the coffee grinds fast. However, if you want a smoother finish, adjust the rings in such a way that will produce slower water flow.

The semi automatic coffee machine, just like its fully automatic counterpart, is also capable of making fresh and great tasting coffee or espresso in just a single push of a button. However, you might need to pre-program the machine once during first use. The biggest difference between the semi automatic and the fully automatic coffee machine today is that the former allows you to manually turn the pump on or off.

So if you are ready to go shopping for a semi automatic coffee machine today, you should also take some factors into consideration. First off, look for a machine that can operate smoothly and quietly. This is because there are a lot of coffee machines out in the market today that run with an incessant buzzing sound. This can be very bothersome to have, especially in the morning.

Apart from that, a good coffee machine should be easy to clean up and maintain. You should be able to disassemble and assemble all the parts together with ease. The easier they are to maintain, the longer these machines will last.

If you are an avid coffee drinker, then you are bound to be using the machine every single day. Hence, it is very important that you find brands that can assure you of durability and performance. If you want to get the best value out of your money, make sure to get top quality products from well trusted brands. There are now plenty of them around so you will not find it too hard to choose one. For the best deals and discounts, you can turn to stores in the World Wide Web as well.


The Best Espresso Maker For You

Choosing the best espresso maker primarily depends on your own taste. For some people it makes no difference what kind of coffee they are served with, as long as they are able to see after drinking it in the morning. For others, the taste is everything, and they are prepared to spend a lot to have a great peace of equipment on their kitchen counter.

As first, everything depends on your own taste. Filter coffee is something most of people enjoy in the morning, at least in the States. In Italy, for example, the day starts with at least one strong, short espresso. Simple metal pots are used to make mocha, also very popular in Italy. In some areas people enjoy drinking manually prepared Turkish coffee, etc.

Choosing the right kind of coffee is also very important. You just cannot use espresso mixture for filter coffee, the result will be poor. Try some different mixtures and find out which one you like. You can also grind the beans yourself and make your own mixtures.

So, the choice is yours. Filter coffee makers are easy to use, affordable and extremely practical for large families. Large water dispensers and exchangeable filters, together with temperature preserving system make those machines very popular. With great coffee offer on the market today, everyone can find something for himself.

Espresso makers can be simple or sophisticated, for one cup or more, they are never cheap, but make great, rich and tasty drinks. You cannot make a proper cappuccino without them, not to mention a latte. Maintaining it is more complicated. For really superb coffee, the machine parts should always be extremely clean, and the pressure well adjusted and controlled.

Lately, pod machines became very popular. They can be used at home, as well as in your office or shop. Small, ready-to-use packets for making different kinds of coffee have to be inserted into their places, and in just few moments you get a cup of your favorite drink, whether it is coffee, cappuccino, tea or even chocolate. The only problem is that you can use a limited variety of flavors, depending on your supplier.

Whatever model you chose, the best coffee maker should be reliable, quiet, affordable and able to produce the desired amount of fresh, tasty drink whenever you need it. That's why your final decision should be based on your own needs. Don't forget to buy the appropriate kind of coffee for your machine and enjoy.


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